Management – Board of CEFFORT AB

Jan-Gunnar Gustafsson

Jan-Gunnar Gustafsson has more than 20 years of experience in the bio-pharmaceutical industry and over 30 years in biotechnology. He has extensive strategic process development and senior level business development experience, supporting various top tier pharmaceutical entities. His diversified business leadership skills and extensive change management expertise position him as a consulting Vice President of Process Development / Manufacturing. His expansive skill set in strategic planning and the ability to identify emerging trends allow him to achieve superior results in multiple arenas.

His hands-on experience in restructuring and process optimising, provide for a broad range of talents on which to draw. He is a skilled people manager, collaborating well with all levels of teams and outside consultants, while striving to lead by example, searching for the most dynamic and mutually beneficial approach possible. He has a wide range of marketing / sales skills and is focused on leading companies to positive change.

He is highly skilled at manufacturing management, high level product development and business strategy consultancy. He is confident that his process development knowledge and leadership expertise will strongly complement the skills of your team.

He was member of the board for CBioSep, the Swedish Centre for Bio Separation in Lund, Sweden.

He has an Executive MBA from The Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden.

Founder and CEO of Bio Evaluation BO AB.

Jan-Gunnar Gustafsson