Service Examples

Our service areas aim to meet up with business situations when external expertise helps boost our customer’s business.

Our service portfolio is coherent with our network of contacts, that are ready to collaborate timely and cost-effectively in providing suitable solutions to your business needs.

The most common project-based activities we collaborate on are:

  • Customer representation
  • Bioprocess development
  • CMC issues
  • Bioanalytics, sensors and instrumentation
  • Quality management and documentation
  • Market activities on behalf of customers
  • Due diligence
  • Competence development
  • Collaboration with CRDMO’s and other service suppliers

Protein purification and process design

All Development of Downstream processing for purification of protein products takes place at Ceffort ControlSep AB which is owned jointly by CEFFORT and ControlSep. We support protein purification as a service within analytics, R&D, process development and process transfer to commercial manufacturing of protein products. We follow international quality and regulatory guidelines in our development work.

Please contact Ceffort ControlSep AB for solutions to your need of protein purification support.