Management – Board of CEFFORT AB

Gunnar Hörnsten

Dr. Gunnar Hörnsten, CEO, has more than 25 years of experience within Nordic biotechnology – spanning Academic R&D, Industrial Research Institutes and Business. He has Coordinated and Managed National R&D Programmes and Nordic Industry Networks, that involved more than 150 companies and university/institute R&D environments (1994-2007).

He was a member of the external advisory board of ERA-net on Industrial Biotechnology; involved in European metrology (iMERA, 2006-7); Swedish representative in the CCQM BioAnalysis Working Group (2006-7); associated to the Biotechnology department at Lund University (1997-2003), while employed at the Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology.

He holds an Adjunct professorship (20%) within Technical Biology at Linköping Institute of Technology, Sweden.

His core technical areas of expertice involve: Process microbiology and Bioprocess design, Analytics and sensor development, within Bioprocess Development, Manufacturing and general Biotechnology.

Founder of CEFFORT AB in 2009. CEO and Co-founder of Ceffort ControlSep AB in 2016. Founder of Hörnstens Analytica in 1992.

Chairman of the board at CEFFORT AB and Ceffort ControlSep AB. Previously Chairman of the Board at MediRox AB (publ) 2011-2014 and board member at Hörnstens Fastighets AB and Liljeholmen 12 AB.

Gunnar Hörnsten