Management of CEFFORT AB

Gunnar Hörnsten

Dr. Gunnar Hörnsten, CEO, has more than 25 years of experience within Nordic biotechnology – spanning Academic R&D, Industrial Research Institutes and Business. He has Coordinated and Managed National R&D Programmes and Nordic Industry Networks, that involved more than 150 companies and university/institute R&D environments (1994-2007).

He was a member of the external advisory board of ERA-net on Industrial Biotechnology; involved in European metrology (iMERA, 2006-7); Swedish representative in the CCQM BioAnalysis Working Group (2006-7); associated to the Biotechnology department at Lund University (1997-2003), while employed at the Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology.

He holds an Adjunct professorship (20%) within Technical Biology at Linköping Institute of Technology, Sweden.

His core technical areas of expertice involve: Process microbiology and Bioprocess design, Analytics and sensor development, within Bioprocess Development, Manufacturing and general Biotechnology.

Founder of CEFFORT AB in 2009.

CEO and Co-founder of Ceffort ControlSep AB in 2016.

Chairman of the board at Ceffort ControlSep AB.

Previously Chairman of the Board at MediRox AB (publ) 2011-2014 and board member at Hörnstens Fastighets AB and Liljeholmen 12 AB.

Founder of Hörnstens Analytica in 1992.

Gunnar Hörnsten