Customer Representation

We can represent you in completing the tedious work of designing an external collaboration. We call this way to work together with you “Customer representation“. In this way we save your time and you can choose your own level of involvement. At any stage we can organize a face-to-face meeting with suggested new customers, partners, consultants or suppliers.

“Customer representation” allow you to:

  • secure a transparent process under your control
  • save time by delegating the tedious work in setting up teams and to coordinate projects
  • save costs by optimal process planning and allocate resources more efficiently

What Ceffort does

  • Partner identification, assembly of proposals and negotiations
  • Management or coordination of work, involving external participants
  • Evaluation of a potential product, process or technology
  • Arrangement of testing / benchmarks of ‘products in development’ at partners facilities within our network
  • Establishment and coordination of R&D work
  • Coordination, management and execution of competence development
  • Communication with potential new users of your product or service
  • Market activities on your behalf
  • Technical consultancy work
  • Other business projects, suggested by you as our customer

When is it good to collaborate with Ceffort?

  • When you like to add external expertice and manpower to your development within biotech, biopharmaceuticals and medical devices
  • You want to pin-point development needs in taking your ‘proof of principle’ into a real product, to be sold at an acceptable price on the market
  • You want a benchmark to clarify strengths and disadvantages of your technology compared with a competing solution
  • You want to explore opportunities to extend your business on a new market
  • You benefit from help in organizing marketing campaigns in the Nordic region
  • You benefit from outsourcing part of your research, development work, manufacturing or marketing
  • You want to secure functional values cost efficiently through due diligence work
  • You save resources by involving Ceffort in your internal competence development

Ceffort is ready to collaborate on your behalf and in favor of your business development.

Our trademark CEFFORT® is short for ‘Collaborative EFFORT’. By delegating coordination to Ceffort, your staff can stay focused on your core business.

You are welcome to contact us directly to discuss how we can bring added value in finding a suitable solution for you. Let us be your trusted partner in Life Sciences all the way!