Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision is to steer CEFFORT AB to become your “Top-of-Mind” company in the Nordic region, through trustworthy collaboration within our extensive and ever growing network within Nordic life sciences. We will continuously expand our knowledge about companies and their capacities within the Nordic life science business.


Ceffort mission is to establish and manage collaborations to meet up with your business needs in a timely and cost effective way. We are here to:

  • facilitate transactions and consolidation by bringing parties together and coordinate activities
  • collaborate timely and cost-effectively on your behalf with external suppliers e.g. CRO’s, CMO’s, products or service suppliers
  • facilitate establishment of competence and capabilities
  • establish and manage collaboration between entrepreneurs and their potential customers around high value opportunities
  • technology valuation and associated due diligence
  • improve competence development through interaction between our contacts


Trustworthiness in acting as your representative when developing, managing or coordinating collaborative efforts to meet-up with your business needs. In this way we build the grounds for a long-term commitment to work together.

Understanding of our customer’s needs is a central principle in our business. We establish our collaborations and suggest solutions based on the needs that you express and specify. We are careful in checking-up that we have gotten the issues ‘right from the start’.

Loyalty grows out of satisfaction, not only with the delivered results, but also with the relations that are being developed within our collaborations on customer’s projects.

Integrity in our multifaceted interactions on the market is central when we handle numerous bilateral or larger collaborations.

Continuous improvement of our abilities to interact efficiently at a high quality level, in the set-up of our customer’s projects.